Crossword News April 2018

The March puzzle was Pie Crust by Flowerman. The title hinted at moving pictures and residual letters in clues gave FORTIES ACTRESSES. Four film actresses from the forties filled the unclued lights.

Here are some of the comments.

Well here is my entry to the enjoyably straightforward puzzle by Flowerman (although it did take me a while to work out that 12A required ENCROACH from which EN was removed leaving the extra letter as R.)  I am relieved that I was not required to decipher the title.  Other than acknowledging that the four forties actresses were around the edge, like a crust, I could think of nothing else.  Unless it was simply an anagram of pictures?  Hey ho.  I was around in the forties but not of an age where I took an interest in the likes of film stars although their names were known to me.  I do remember Lucille Ball in the television programme, “I Love Lucy” but that must have been in the fifties. I look forward to another puzzle from Flowerman, perhaps with Jayne Russell and Jean Simmons (just to give you a start) who came along later and definitely attracted my attention 🙂 Thanks Flowerman.

Thanks to Flowerman.  Clever to find four names that fitted symmetrically around the sides of the grid. We were flummoxed by the title until we decided to anagram it at the end of our solve. Doh!

Another fine puzzle from the CC. Many thanks to Flowerman. Some very clever clues: Utopia, Day-to-Day, Haler, etc.

There were 50 entries, of which 5 were marked incorrect. The lucky winner, picked from the electronic hat, was Paul Dendy, from Wales, who will soon be receiving a book donated by Chambers.

A full solution is available at

This month’s Prize Puzzle is our tenth Round Robin, Dynasty and you have until the 8th May to send in your entry.

In May we will be publishing Old Titles by Curmudgeon.

As I write there is no puzzle ready for June.
The American Crossword Puzzle Tournament took place in March. The winner, Erik ‘Slicks’ Agard, beat the champion Dan Feyer. Jon Delfin came 12th and still ties with Feyer for the most wins in the tournament. Full results can be seen here

A photo of the winner and event organiser Will Shortz is available here

You can read the NY Times account of the tournament here.

The Wee Stinker has been a popular crossword in Scotland for the past 38 years, composed by Myops, John McKie. Now that it is moving from its traditional Monday spot to the Saturday the Herald has published a very interesting article about the man.

The crowd-funding for a republication of Torquemada’s mystery novel Cain’s Jawbone is now complete. The funding rose from 84% to 149% after novelist Neil Gaiman backed the project in a tweet. This is great news for everyone who has been waiting to get their hands on a copy. The book will now go to the printers.
Jane Teather has produced a very useful site for puzzles and quizzes. You can find out when and where meetings take place and there are links to quiz and crossword sites. Currently you can download the table quiz from the Listener Dinner in Paris.
The Telegraph Toughie marked its 2000th appearance with a special puzzle with clues written by all its setters. More information here –
If you want to see how it can be tackled you can watch Mark Goodliffe solve it at
The first Qualifier for the 2018 Crossword Championship will appear in The Times on April 18. With a second, vintage puzzle from the 1960s to accompany it online.
And finally, here is a romantic tale of a proposal of marriage in a crossword.

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